Potatoes waiting to be dispersed at the Food Pantry.

When is the Crown Hill Food Pantry open?  The last continuous Thursday and Friday of every month.  If a Thursday is the last day of the month and the Friday is a first day of the next month the food pantry will take place the week previous.  Check this webpage if the food pantry is close to a holiday to see if there is a scheduling change.  Click here for the dates of the next food pantry.

What time is the food pantry open?  On Thursday the food pantry is open from 2-5pm.  On Friday it is open from 10am-1pm.

What do we need to receive food?  A current driver’s license if all the information is current, or if the photo ID does not contain current address we need a piece of mail (a bill) that shows your name and current address.  Check-in is quick and easy and rarely takes more than a minute or two.

Can I get food if I can’t make it to the church on the last Thursday or Friday of the Month?  No.  The food pantry is run by volunteers and we do not have people on site to give out food other than the last Thursday or Friday of the month.

Can I pick up food for other people?  Yes, if you have their information and ID, we will allow you to pick up food for family members or friends.  To pick up food for another person, that person must come in to the pantry at least once a year. Then, with a letter of permission written and signed by the the absent client, the registration form is signed by proxy by the person present.

Do you ever run out of food?  To date we have never run out of food.  We occasionally will run out of a certain item, but even that is a rarity.

Who can volunteer at the food pantry?  Anyone!  The food pantry is only possible because of a large base of faithful volunteers.  We are always on the look out for new people to help out.  If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know!

Does the food pantry or Crown Hill Mennonite give any other type of assistance besides food?  Right now we focus on offering food to anyone who is in need.  Unfortunately we do not have paper products or clothes.  Neither can we help out with gas, utilities, rent or other financial needs.