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“Sling Shot Life: Stretching, Launching, Landing & Re-Loading”

May 12-June 2, 2013

May 12–Living in the Tension.  Jonah 1 God is always stretching, growing and directing us. It never feels good to be stretched, but in being stretched God is preparing us for a future purpose that he has for us.
May 19–Ready for Lauch. Jonah 2 We need to be ready for God to “launch” us. We are to be praying and looking for opportunities for God to use us yet at the same time realize that we are not in control of where,when and how we get launched.
May 26–Landing Gear. Jonah 3  When we hit the ground, we need to brace for impact and then be ready to be used by God. Landing hurts.  Its difficult, its scary, and can scar us for life. But its not until we land that God will start to use us were we are at.
June 2–Re-load & Repeat.   Jonah 4  For better or worse, the above process is not a one and done type thing. God continually stretches, launches, and lands us in different places (sometimes literally, sometimes spiritually). We must always be open to God’s working in our lives